Project Management Methodology

Project Management Methodology

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Project Management Methodology
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Independent work
Teachers and associates
Msc Tomislav Rastovski, Senior Lecturer
The course aims
From a business perspective, the processes in information technology, thanks to its relaying on technology, are easier to quantify and can lead in relation to some other aspects of business. The basis of good project management that will get students after successful completion of the course guarantees a systematic and efficient access to the resources of space, time, manpower and finance. Students will then know how to choose and recommend processes and arrange them according to design requirements, applying the software management and reporting.
Consideration of the value of the methodology and the organization of work as a project, Identification of the various project roles and responsibilities, Defining the different aspects of the project, The development and maintenance of the associated projeknog plan, Proactive identification and managing scope, subjects, risks and communication, Identification of the appropriate level of required quality and quality management to this level, Identification and collection of metrics which evaluates the quality and overall effectiveness of the project, The execution of the audit of financial and physical implementation of any project, be able to give an answer to what stage the project or portfolio is and what the physical and financial trends.
TenStep Project Management Process, TenStep, Inc., 2010.
Supplementary literature
A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) 5th edition, 2013;
IPMA Individual Competence Baseline 4th Version (ICB4);
A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and Controlling, Seventh Edition, Harold Kerzner, Ph.D.,2005.

Minimum learning outcomes

  1. Explain basic values of the methodology, project charter and organizational structures. Develop the project's WBS structure, milestones and activities.
  2. Calculate project plan and know how to control project by using Critical path method. Explain basic parameters of Earned Value Method.
  3. Explain basic concepts of managing issues, scope, communication, risks, quality and metrics.
  4. Create a project timetable with project activities and resources by using tools for project management.
  5. Update project plan and create a report on the progress and cost of the project by using tools for project management.

Preferred learning outcomes

  1. Choose the methodology, WBS structure and develop the project charter. Dizajn integrated project plan.
  2. Use Earned Value Method as a tool for managing projects in detail by all parameters.
  3. Choose techniques of managing issues, scope, communication, risks, quality and metrics.
  4. Create a project timetable with time delays and constraints, addressing overalocated resources by using tools for project management.
  5. Evaluate the basic indicators of the project success by using tools for project management.