Jobs for which students are qualified


The list of jobs for which students are qualified is defined through the analysis of employers’ needs for particular positions advertised in this field. In doing so, it is especially taken into account which positions employers are looking for at a particular level of education. In addition, since the study program is structured through a relatively large number of elective courses that are related to a particular sub-specialization, specific knowledge and certain jobs will be available in accordance with the elective courses students have attended and passed. Jobs for which students will be qualified are:

  • development of complex computer desktop applications and web use of object-oriented technology,
  • development of computer applications for mobile devices and development of distributed applications,
  • design, development and programming of computer databases,
  • management of information system and planning of its development,
  • project management or participation in application development projects with thorough knowledge of methodology,
  • understanding of market operations, management and business organization at the level of department or small business,
  • development of business information systems and business decision-making support systems with the understanding of functional requirements,
  • basic auditing of information systems from the applicative aspect,
  • customer support with the implementation and use of IT applications.