Work placement

In order to obtain a diploma certificate at the University College, it is required that students, in addition to passing exams and performing other duties, register for the course “Preparation of final project”, complete internships (or have work placements acknowledged), successfully prepare final papers, take final practical exams and defend their papers in accordance with the provisions of the University College Statutes, Book of regulations on study, Book of regulations on work placement and Book of regulations on final project and final exam.

Students with relevant work experience are not required to complete internships, but are given the option to have their work experience acknowledged in accordance with the Book of regulations on work placement. This acknowledgement does not take place automatically and the relevance of previous work experience needs to be evaluated in comparison with the chosen topic of their final paper.

Students who are completing their internships in agreement with the mentor of their final paper and the Head of Career Centre arrange their Work placement program.
The University College enables students to complete internships in the Republic of Croatia or abroad.

Work placement in Croatia

In the Republic of Croatia it is possible to complete internships at one of the companies listed below with which the University College has signedagreements on the provision of student work placement or in companies suggested by the students themselves in which the cooperation has been formalized by the University College. At this moment, agreements on work placement have been signed with the following institutions:

Work placement abroad

Work placement abroad is available with financial support through the international mobility program Erasmus. Work placements offered abroad are listed below:

    • Njemačka – the GFN AG company is offering several internship positions, mostly in the areas of Heidelberg, Munchen, Hamburg, Cologne and Berlinu.

In case you are interested, contact your Erasmus coordinator through e-mail at or by phone 01/2222-149